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Educational Resources for Teachers

Education: A Basic Right for a Better Future

Education is vital to UNHCR's work, which is why we want to encourage people to look at the resources we can put at your disposal.

This section of UNHCR's website provides a wide range of educational materials, ranging from publications and posters to DVDs. These are ideal materials to help children and young adults learn more about refugee issues.

There is also a section on Lesson Modules. These are specifically designed materials to help teachers everywhere integrate refugee issues into the classroom in innovative and exciting ways.

Toolkit for teaching young people about Migration and Asylum in the European Union

The toolkit provides young people with the opportunity to understand that behind each anonymous statistic related to migration and asylum there is a human face and a personal story. In doing so it also addresses issues related to discrimination and xenophobia.

Kid Zone    

Fun and interesting stuff to help you learn more about our work and life as a refugee.

Lesson Modules

Find out how you can introduce refugee issues and stories into the classroom.

UNA Youth campaign pack 2012-13

A United Nations Association pack builds awareness of the life-saving work carried out every day by the UN and provide ideas for tangible action that young people can take to support this work.


Educational Materials


This material can either be downloaded directly or ordered from our Public Affairs office. Most of the material is free of charge. Teachers looking to include some of our material and/or topics in their curriculum, may find our Lesson Modules of interest. Consult the educational materials catalogue and download the order form here:

Educational Materials Catalogue

Educational Materials Order Form

Please contact us if you would like us to send you some educational materials.