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Nansen Award winner Alixandra Fazzina documents Pakistan floods

©UNHCR/Eduardo Diaz

Photojournalist Alixandra Fazzina was this October awarded the 2010 Nansen Refugee Award for her fearless efforts to document the plight of refugees. Her photographs have detailed the exodus of Somalis across the Gulf of Aden and captured the lives of refugees in Afghanistan. Living in Pakistan, Fazzina has recently worked closer to home, providing striking coverage of the devasting floods that have swept across the country.

At the Nansen ceremony, held in Geneva last month, Alixandra Fazzina said she felt "incredibly honoured" to receive award. Inaugurated in 1954, it is given annually to individuals or organizations in recognition of extraordinary and dedicated service to refugees. "I see myself really as a storyteller, my aim is always to put a human face on the plight of refugees and IDPs [internally displaced people] around the world in order to raise awareness and increase understanding," she added. 

Her work so far has taken her across the world to document the struggles of those caught up in the disastrous consequences of war. Fazzina has covered the conflict-displaced in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe, capturing the lives of the uprooted through powerful and moving photo essays.

Her most recent photographs of Pakistan reveal the impact this summer's floods have had upon the Pakistani people. Depicting those displaced by the flooding her work shows how this natural disaster has uprooted the lives of Pakistanis as well as Afghan refugees sheltered by UNHCR in Pakistan.

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