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Emergency and Disaster Relief

UNHCR's Emergency Response Teams respond quickly and effectively during times of crisis. When disaster strikes, the UN Refugee Agency can mobilise 300 trained personnel anywhere in the world, all within 72 hours. These teams work in some of the toughest conditions, delivering life-saving essentials like food, water, shelter and healthcare to refugees and internally displaced people.

Emergency Response Teams are made up of specialists from our offices around the world. Staff from UNHCR UK in London have been called upon to work in several emergencies. You can read about their experiences below:

Amanda Gray Meral - Iraq Crisis

Laura Padoan – Horn of Africa famine

Alexander de Chalus – Libya crisis

Peter Kessler – Pakistan floods

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Where We Work:

UNHCR staff operate in 125 countries around the world, from major capitals to remote, difficult locations. Find out what we are doing in all the countries and regions of the world by clicking here.