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Fighting near Sudan-South Sudan border displaces 35,000

Recent fighting near the border between Sudan and South Sudan has displaced approximately 35,000 people, and hundreds continue to cross the border to South Sudan every day.

Due to food shortages in South Kordofan, many are arriving seriously malnourished.

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© UNHCR/V.Tan. Sudanese refugees from Blue Nile state. Watch the video
Members of a Syrian family

In the field...

Angelina Jolie visits Ecuador on first mission as UNHCR Special Envoy

In her new expanded role as Special Envoy, Angelina Jolie returned to Ecuador to meet Colombian refugees. During the visit, her third to Ecuador for UNHCR, she also met the Ecuadorean Foreign Minister and called on the government to keep an open asylum policy and continue helping vulnerable refugees.

Watch Angelina Jolie's trip.

© UNHCR/A.Bronee. Congolese refugees arrive at the Nkamira Transit Centre in Rwanda

Refugee story

Young Arsène arrives in Rwanda after fleeing the DRC

"I am in Rwanda, but I am alone now.” Arsène is one of more than 20,000 people who have fled fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Approximately 6,200 refugees have now fled across the border to Rwanda, bringing the total number of displaced Congolese to around 2 million."

Read Arsène’s story.

In the news

© UNHCR/L.Padoan. A young Somali refugee in Dollo Ado’s Hilaweyn camp.

Somali refugees in Ethiopia's Dollo Ado exceed 150,000 as rains hit camps

More than 8,500 Somalis have been registered so far this year, pushing the refugee population in the area's five camps past the 150,000 mark.

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© ANSA. An aerial photo from the past shows an overcrowded boat off the coast of Malta.

Survivors of sea voyage to Malta say seven Somali refugees died

81 refugees and migrants have died attempting to reach Europe from Libya this year. This month seven Somalis died during their week-long voyage to Malta.

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Refugee Week

Refugee Week: 18th-24th June 2012

Refugee Week is a unique opportunity to discover and celebrate the contributions of refugees in the UK.

Visit the brand new website to find events in your area!

Giving is Winning programme

Become an Olympic Volunteer!

UNHCR is an official partner of the International Olympic Committee. Find out about the Giving is Winning programme collecting unused Olympic sportswear for refugees.

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